Xtreme Time | Pt.1

With Xtreme Time, I designed various packages for watches and other "youth" timepieces. There are collectable metal tins, unique bubble molds, and simple display boxes that hold pieces that are seen in stores nationwide and online. These are meant to draw the line of young and teenage customers, all the way up to the nostalgic adult collector and watch buyer.

Xtreme Time | Pt.2

This is a collection of packages for Xtreme Time watches and the different licenced and in-house brands, as well as other adult timepieces. There are collectable boxes, acrylic topped boxes, card paper boxes with die-cut windows, collectable leather cases, and simple boxes that hold various timepieces that are seen in stores nationwide and online.

Zia Green Chile Company

Zia Green Chile Company was a New Mexican Green Chile, food start-up company that I help start and created all the package designs, among other things for. The folowing images are shots of our first jar designs, that we had for two years, which served us well. Then you will see the updated jar designs, once we decided to focus on the Hatch Valley as our specific Chile source. Also, there is a burlap sack design that was what we sold the fresh produce in to farmers markets and local stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY.

Halo Condoms

Halo Condoms is a way for individuals of certain religions to be intimate, while still being safe. Each variety of protection, is specific to that relgion's "rules" and uses imagey and textile patters on the hand crafted wooden box, from the region of the world where that religion is most common. The box itself becomes a nice tealight candle holder with a side drawer for the condoms, as to keep it discrete in the room, on a night stand etc.

Red Mill Brewery

The Red Mill Brewey is a small brewey in Central Wisconsin, built from an old grist mill. It has been revived by The Rasmussen family and houses many great homemade beers, and a local collection of history. It is a location for weddings, fishing, and other various outdoor gatherings. The beer has been flowing there for almost a decade now and has won awards amongst local beer aficionados. Images coming soon!

"If the Oceans die, we die"

- Captain Paul Watson