I designed Website and Mobile layouts, focused on UI/UX through the concept and prototype. Organize final asset creation and delivery. Close collaboration with strategy, UX, development, copy and creative teams to craft solutions for clients. Content and Brand integration and optimization for communication, entertainment and healthcare clients.


At DTV/AT&T I designed various Digital Design assets seen online and all current digital platforms. These are a collection of: homepage banners, Mobile-specific banners, buy-flow banners, guide banners, legacy banners, social media banners. As well as, banners for internal campaigns, new and existing customers, seasonal specials, professional and collegiate sporting events, new movie releases, exclusive releases, new product releases, hardware and software update notifications, webpage wireframes, and many other various icons, symbols, layouts and digital visual assets.

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

With Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment, I worked with the Brooklyn Nets, New York Islanders, Barclays Center and various other brands and venues. Creating a lot of digital content that was seen on Television, Twitter and Instagram social media banners, web banners, and ecommerce ads, that were seen all over the web, in a variety of locations.

Faherty Brand

I worked on a project for a concious and sustainable fashion company, Faherty Brand, to layout templates and create social media assets, including: an email, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and storyboard an Instagram Story. View the Insta Story Mock-Up HERE!

Xtreme Time

At Xtreme Time, I created many online ads, web banners, acompaning application wireframes; for our fitness watches, websites, and designed various social media posts.

McDonald Automotive Group

At McDonald Automotive Group I created many differnt digital designs, as website banners, advertisements, and various social media banners and designs.

Avelino's Surf Shop

For Avelino's I created an ecommerce store website, advertisement banners, and email ads.

"I believe in good things coming"

- Nahko Bear