Hello there!
I'm an Artist, Graphic Designer and Conscious fellow! I studied at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and since then I've worked to create designs and artwork using multiple styles and techniques. I've enjoyed working with an array of different clients, different cultures and lifeststyles, old and new companies, and associations with varying purposes. The more I can work on art and designs that are larger than myself and affect an entire community, the happier I am. I'm a believer that since I hold the title of an "artist" and "designer" I am able to be creative in a variety of spaces and categories. Whether it is a fine arts based icon for a web page or podcast, a large painted-typeset piece for a mural, or creating the right look for your wooden package that might house your next amazing product or invention, the means and rules of art and design will always apply. That is how I have been able to find solutions to so many different design problems; no matter the dimension, material, or location.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many different countries, where I ate, studied, partied, created and explored with many different types of people. The adventure of traveling and interacting other cultures and seeing their design solutions for unique issues, through their eyes, has opened my mind in many ways especially as an artist. I strive to create aesthetically pleasing design work that can stand for itself, and that is full of meaningful concept and craft from start to finish. This way, no matter who, how or when my designs are interacted with, its purpose is understood, at least enough for it to remain a relevent piece of work and solve the original needs. I enjoy channeling my artistic energy into many aspects including: researching a new topic, client interaction, drafting & sketching, branding, logos, photography, production work etc. All these areas get richer with knowledge and intention now that I know a bit more of what is out there, and how it is interacted with in this world, which so many amazingly different people are a part of.

I was influenced by some vary taleted musicians and friends at the start of highschool in Denver, and that is what gratefully started me with my second creative outlet; music. I've enjoyed played the guitar, singing, and writting songs for alomost ten years now, and I really have music to thank for the many insights and interactions that have made every area of my life richer. When my eyeballs just cant take another second of screen time, and when the paint just does not want to go onto the canvas I turn to my guitars, as my source of creativity and comfort. Music has always been a part of who I am, and with my creative energy being nurtured with an "alternate" art form, I can say that it then gives my designs and fine art more vision, imagination and the ability to think differently about problems that arise.

I have been blessed with a beyond amazing family and group of friends, near and far. I know that my many activities and interactions with them have helped carve out the man that I am today. I've realized through many years of tomfoolery, travels, and both good and hard times, how to get along with many differnt folks, crack a smile on the staunchest of peoples. As well as, when to shut it down, and wear that "collared shirt" and play the game that The Man has long before my time established. I also know the value of breaking the rules (especially in an artistic and creative setting), being an individual, creating my own path, fighting for goals I believe in, being respectful, and staying true to my upbringing, whilst having fun along the way.

I appreciate your interest and time in digging deeper into who I am and what makes me tick. Hopefully we can share a helathy meal, a full-moon dance party, chat about a new branding update, a hot cup of joe, or maybe pick a tune or two together, so I can learn more about you and see what makes you the unique person you are as well. Have a grand day and please reach out with any questions, career opportunities, comments or jokes that you may have. Thank you much!

"If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane"

- Jimmy Buffett